Hair and Hair Alone Help

Welcome to Hair and Hair Alone. We hope

you enjoy managing your hair with the aid

of this app. Here are few things to know as

you get started:



The current weather conditions and hair weather

forecast are provided on the home screen. Scroll

down for both hourly and 7-day forecasts.


Hair and Hair Alone provides hair weather forecasts

anywhere in the world. Up to 5 locations can be

saved in the app at any one time.

My Locations in Settings & Information

q+ to Add a Location

How to search for a city:

Units of Measurement

Temperatures are reported in both Imperial and

Metric units. See Settings & Information to set

your preference.

Weather Data Updates

To receive the latest hair weather forecast in any

location, swipe down on the home screen of My

Hair Weather until you see the “Refreshing” message.

The Hair and Hair Alone Forecast

Levels/Reading the Hair Meter

The hair weatherforecasts are reported using a f

ive point color-coded scale, shown on both the

home screen hair meter and icon:

Customizable Feature

Hair and Hair Alone is designed to deliver customized

hair weather forecasts and hair care information tailored

to your hair. The customizable features can easily be set

up by entering data in two key areas of the app:

1) About My Hair

2) My Hair Day.


About My Hair- Within Settings & Information, this is the

place where we ask you six simple questions about your hair.

Your answers will impact the hair care and product

recommendations provided in Tips, Products and Care.

My Hair Day- Since no two heads are alike, this home

screen feature allows you to adjust the predictive My

Hair Weather forecast to better reflect your own real world

experiences. The way it works is simple. Every day, over a

several day period, enter how your hair reacts to the weather.

Over time, our predictive forecasting model will adjust future f

orecasts to be more reflective of what you have experienced in the

past. Entering the data is easy. You just rate your hair appearance

each day on a sliding scale. The center of the scale represents the

Perfect/Best Hair Day and the opposing ends of the scale represent

the extreme conditions of dry/typically winter weather on one end

and moist & humid/typically summer conditions on the other end.  

After you have inputted at least three days of information to

My Hair Day, use the Hair and Hair Alone Report feature found

in Settings & Information to monitor, in graphical form, how

your Hair and Hair Alone forecasts are being adjusted based on the daily

information you have input. Over time, the “MHW Forecast” and

“Your Hair Data” plot lines should converge. At this point, your

Hair and Hair Alone forecasts have been completely adjusted to predict

future hair weather forecasts based on your past hair weather experiences.

Tips, Products, Care Features

All three features are designed to help your hair look its

best in any hair weather condition. Information delivered to

you is customized based on the hair data you enter in About My


Tips: Provides day-to-day tips for managing your hair in current

hair weather conditions.

Products: Provides detailed product recommendations to

help you care for your hair in current weather conditions.

Care: Provides longer-term hair care suggestions & tips

for hair maintenance.


Want to share the news of a good hair day with friends?

You can share the forecast via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Send your friends an email with a Hair Forecast

Settings & Info: Additional Information

There are two additional sources of information to help you care

for your hair:

In Settings and Information:

Hair Product Info: Includes detailed information on all

hair product recommendations, including product ratings

from major online retailers and ingredients.

Product Ingredients Info: Provides an ingredients watch

list to assist you as you shop for hair products.

Badge Notification

Want a quick reminder of the Hair and Hair Alone forecast

for your area? Just check our badge on your iPhone or iPad.

The last location and forecast you viewed is recapped via a

simple number ratings system, shown in the right hand

corner of the badge. The ratings are as follows:

5 and under: Good to Great Hair Weather while

6 and above: Fair to Challenging Hair Weather

Push Notifications

The Hair and Hair Alone push notifications provide a

more detailed recap of the last location and forecast

viewed. Just swipe down on your front screen as you

would do for any of your other notifications.



Please see Settings & Information if you have additional

questions or would like to provide feedback or report a bug.


Thank you! Enjoy!