Proprietary Weather Formula

The first ever personalized hair weather forecasting model. Other apps forecast hair weather using a simplistic approach based on a single variable of humidity, dew point or temperature. My Hair Weather uses a formula based on a combination of multiple variables, including your own hair and experiences in real-world weather conditions. This layer of personalization is a first in the category and can dramatically improve forecasting accuracy. No more guesswork or worrying about how your hair will react to the weather.



10-Day and Hourly Forecast

Current and hourly hair weather data, plus the only advanced 10-day hair weather forecast available anywhere with immediate on-screen weather adjustments for easy access to the forecast.



Hair Health

Hair health focused. From our hair care tips to our product recommendations and ingredients watch list, hair health comes first.

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Brilliant Resource for Fantastic Hair!

A great hair resource to help your hair look its best!

Key Features:

- Beautiful Photos and Videos: All matching the current weather conditions and your hair profile.

- Weather Graphs & Reports: Current, hourly and advanced 10-day weather forecasts for all of your favorite global locations.

- Hair Weather Forecasts: Current, hourly and the first-ever advanced 10-day hair weather forecasts for all locations you select

- Personalized Hair Weather Forecasts: Current, hourly and advanced 10-day forecasts. By gathering important information about your hair and monitoring how your hair reacts in daily weather conditions, My Hair Weather personalizes the forecasting to you.

- Hair care tips, detailed product recommendations and longer-term hair care advice, all customized to both your hair and the current weather conditions in your area.

- Hair weather notifications to inform you of your last hair weather forecast without re-opening the app.

- Social enabling you to share hair weather updates with friends or report on “good hair weather” in an area.

Design Elements:

- Elegantly designed opening screen to succinctly detail both the current weather and hair weather conditions, featuring a bold icon and hair meter to clearly depict the forecast.

- Stunning videos with beautiful celebrities that match the current location’s weather conditions and time of day.

- Beautifully laid out weather graphs with matching weather image.

- Downward scroll function for hourly and advanced 10-day forecasts.

To Sum Up:

We put the “My” in Hair Weather because we provide exactly that--your own personalized hair weather forecast. Try us for less than 1/3 the cost of your typical bottle of shampoo.

Please contact us with questions or feedback at: support@myhairweather.com. We would love to hear from you.

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